Welcome to Gribskov Gymnasium

Kristoffer Almlund, Principal

Gribskov Gymnasium is an academic and creative Danish high school. We are rooted in the local community, but we have a global perspective on education. We were established in 1979, with just a few classes, and today we have approximately 650 students and about 80 teachers. We are a self-governing institution financed by grants from the Ministry of Education. Our three-year-courses lead to the Upper Secondary Leaving Certificate, which qualifies our students to continue their education at university or other institutions of higher education.

We give the students a broad theoretical education of high academic standard in which interdisciplinary themes and problems have a high priority. We have ten specialized study programmes placed within humanities, natural science and social science. Furthermore, we offer a broad range of languages (English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese), as well as elective subjects such as Arts, Drama, Latin, Philosophy, Psychology, Physical Education, Chinese Area Studies, etc.

All our teachers hold university degrees and teach only the subjects of their degrees. The teachers are encouraged to constantly improve their pedagogical and professional skills by attending a large variety of in-service training programmes.

We aim to create an education environment that encourages curiosity, stimulates the learning process and de-velops each studentĀ“s individual talents. We work in an atmosphere of mutual respect, and with the student council the democratic rights of the students are guaranteed.

We strive to improve the students' intercultural competencies through collaboration with schools from all around the world. We have an exchange programme that enables students to visit schools abroad and receive foreign students at home; the personal interaction between students from all over the globe increases mutual respect and understanding. In short, we believe that collaboration with other schools is not only beneficial for students and teachers alike, it is essential for the continued creative development of our education system.

Kristoffer Almlund, Principal

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